Karen Kinsel Silcox, PhD

Karen is the Master Teacher for 4-5 year old children in the Live Oak Classroom.  Karen has a BS in Child Development and Elementary Education from Vanderbilt University.  She previously worked as a classroom teacher, Child Life Assistant, and a Preschool Teacher in an arts infused preschool in Tampa, FL and Charleston, SC.  She moved to Austin, TX in 2003 to pursue graduate school.  Karen was a research assistant and a teaching assistant for Child Development and Developmentally Appropriate Practices while completing her Masters and Phd in Human Development and Family Sciences from University of Texas at Austin.  She continued to teach courses in HDFS for several years before becoming a Master Teacher.  She is very interested in the role parents play in children’s school experiences, children’s social and emotional well-being, and best practices in both child development centers and in collegiate classrooms.  She lives in Dripping Springs with her husband, her 3 children, and her mom.