Dave Barry, EdM

Master Teacher

Dave is the Master Teacher of the Live Oak (morning PreK) class. Dave is currently a doctoral candidate in early childhood education at UT’s College of Education. Before coming to UT, Dave taught Kindergarten in the Boston Public Schools for ten years and was a Teaching Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education for five years (where he also earned his master’s degree). Dave has expertise in mentoring preservice and early-career teachers and trauma-informed teaching practices. His dissertation is focused on finding ways reduce feelings of stress and burnout among early childhood educators so they might stay in their classrooms healthfully and sustainably. Dave is committed to the continuous development of teaching practices that are child-centered and equity-focused and to supporting adult learners as they learn to develop these teaching practices. When he isn’t teaching – or learning about teaching – you can find Dave trying out a new coffee shop or enjoying one of his many hobbies like playing guitar, trying out a new recipe, or spending time connecting with loved ones.