Tour Information

We have virtual and in-person tours available for Fall 2021. Please sign-up below:

  • Friday (11/12) at 2pm (virtual) (in-person)
    • If you want to add to the waiting list for the in-person tour, please fill out the form below and add a comment about joining the waiting list for the 11/12 in-person tour.
  • Sign-up here to be notified of future tours.

Tours can take anywhere from an hour to an hour and half depending on participant questions/discussion.

In-Person Tours

  • Capped at 10 people, so be sure that you fill out a registration for for each individual person attending the tour in-person.
  • If you can no longer attend in-person, please let us know so that we can extend the initiation to another person.
  • You will be asked to fill out our COVID-19 screener before you attend.
  • We ask that all tour attendees wear a mask, as suggested by the CDC and AAP.

If you need any assistance, please reach out to us at