Research & Community

The UT Lab School has been operating for 90 years!


The UT Lab School operates as both a laboratory of human development and as a center for research related to children. We house about 6 research projects annually. Because one of the primary purposes of our program is to support research, parents are expected to participate in research projects and to encourage their children to cooperate in research activities which involve them. Research contributes to the UT Lab School in many ways.

Knowledge about children learned through research is shared with the teachers to assist them in planning activities to meet the children’s needs. Teachers benefit from contact and discussion with faculty members and graduate students conducting research in the Laboratory. Children benefit from individual experiences with a stimulating person and participating in the learning activities which comprise many research projects.

Research may be done at the Laboratory by faculty and students from across campus. The research projects are carefully reviewed by the University’s Institutional Review Board. Each request is accepted or rejected on the basis of its contribution to the field of child development and family relationships, soundness of the research, and impact on the total program. At all times, the needs of the children are our priority.

Prior to beginning a research project, parents are sent a letter describing the research and requesting permission for the child and/or parent to participate. The researcher visits the classroom, is introduced to the children, and spends time getting to know them. Final permission to participate is given by the child when he/she accepts or declines the researcher’s invitation to participate.

Please fill out this request if you are interested in research at our school.


As part of our mission, we serve as a model school to the community in a variety of ways. We offer opportunities for training and observation. Our faculty and staff provides over 20 hours of training to the community each year. We also participate in a few community outreach projects each year.

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