HDFS Course Options

Student Observers

HDF 313       Child Development: Students observe the physical, motor, social, emotional, language, and cognitive development of one or two children over the semester. They write several papers relating to their observations of concepts and theory discussed in class.

HDF 338       Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Students learn how typical and atypical changes within the context of a family impact both children and adults. They may observe children or interview families about these changes.

Student Classroom Participants

HDF 466       Guidance in Adult-Child Relations: Students enrolled in this class study techniques for guiding individual, small group, and total group activities. They spend four hours a week in one of the classrooms. These students supervise and assist with activities and participate in the pre- and post-conference with the Master Teacher.


Student Practicum

HDF 652P     Practicum in the Laboratory: Students enrolled in this practicum work in a classroom or administrative environment under the direction and supervision of the Master Teacher or Director. Assignments are individualized to reflect their career goals.

Graduate Students

Graduate classroom assistants are graduate students from Human Development and Family Sciences or a related department who are placed at the Laboratory as part of their professional development in their graduate program. They are employees of and paid by the university for this work. These students assist the Master Teachers both in the classroom and in providing support services outside the classroom. Each graduate assistant is assigned to work with a Master Teacher for 10 hours per week.